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30 Best Newsletters and Ghost Blog Examples

Discover the 30 best newsletters and ghost blog examples that demonstrate the art of engaging storytelling and information dissemination.

ghost blog examples

Ghost websites continue growing among entrepreneurs, authors and more. We've spotlighted some of the top performers lighting up this ecosystem.

Whether launching a personal or business site, successful Ghost blog examples offer insight. They empower creators simply yet produce polished, engaging work.

Sit back and observe tactics from visuals to voice, formats and promotion. Dive into Ghost themes, Ghost blog SEO and storytelling proven to resonate.

Get inspired on leveling up your flow without fuss. Ghost blog examples- now let these stars ignite yours for success.

What are Ghost Blogs?

Ghost websites are a popular blogging platform known for its simplicity and focus on writing. As an open source software, it provides bloggers and publishers a lightweight option compared to heavy platforms like WordPress.

Optimized specifically for writing long-form content, Ghost websites’ features intuitive editing and publishing tools. Its clean interface resembles a basic text editor more than a technical page builder. This ease of use allows writers to focus on their content rather than formatting.

Being so minimal, Ghost blog examples also load blazingly fast. This helps content reach readers smoothly on any device. Additional benefits include built-in SEO tools and versatile themes. Security receives top priority as well, with automatic updates safeguarding Ghost website examples from threats.

Leading publications like Medium, The Hustle and 50Best have adopted Ghost blog examples for its content-first approach. Around 30-40% of new Ghost blog examples now launch on the platform. For those seeking a distraction-free environment to share stories and ideas, Ghost blog examples present a strong choice to build and host Ghost website examples.

Top 20 Successful Ghost Blog Examples

1. The Browser Newsletter

the browser ghost blog example

The Browser Newsletter

The Browser is a curated daily Ghost newsletter that saves readers time. Each day editors handpick the top 5 articles, podcasts and videos from around the web spanning various topics.

Their selections offer a thoughtful mix of in-depth journalism and lighter features for busy people. On Saturdays, a roundup of the week's best long reads is provided. Sundays feature a supplemental issue with extras.

By discerning quality content on behalf of subscribers, The Browser cuts out the hassle of endless browsing. The calmly curated offerings enhance knowledge while sparing limited time. They provide a respite from today's overwhelming media streams through carefully chosen recommendations across formats.

2. Unsplash Blog

unsplash ghost blog example

Unsplash blog

The Unsplash Blog is one of the best Ghost blog examples that provides extra value for users of the platform's extensive free photo library.

Weekly posts offer behind-the-scenes insights into Unsplash's operations, interviews with photographers, and tutorials on skills and techniques. Readers can discover new talent.

Both creative professionals and casual hobbyists find inspiration and education. Professionals access technical tips while amateurs learn new skills.

The blog deepens engagement with Unsplash's open source mission and growing global community. Freely accessible, it enhances an already superb experience for visual storytellers.

3. Quillette

quillette ghost blog example


Quillette is an independent online magazine focusing on long-form analysis and cultural commentary from reasoned perspectives. Its non-partisan reporting relies on science, humanism and open-minded discussion of ideas.

Founded in 2015, Quillette is based internationally with editors on multiple continents. It hosts insightful podcasts in addition to thought-provoking articles.

Readers support the grassroots publication through voluntary subscriptions and membership, ensuring independent journalism. Quillette aims to stimulate intellectual discussion beyond polarized rhetoric.

The magazine's engaging writing and globally-minded community appeal to freethinkers seeking new perspectives. Quillette remains freely accessible to all with an interest in rigorous and open debate of today's issues.

4. The Cloudflare Blog

the cloudflare ghost blog example

The Cloudflare blog

The Cloudflare Blog is a Ghost blog example that provides valuable insights for internet-savvy readers.

Writers share engaging, accessible posts explaining how the web works through themes like performance, security threats and startup stories.

Business owners can glean optimizing tips from this industry leader processing massive traffic daily. Cloudflare also shares initiatives to build a better internet.

While appealing to technical audiences, explanations translate complex topics simply. Readers gain knowledge from a company at the networking forefront.

The blog enriches understanding of core internet principles for pros and newcomers alike. It offers a must-read online companion for those seeking to expand their digital know-how.

5. Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog

mozila ghost blog example

Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog

The Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog is one of the most popular Ghost blog examples and provides insights into emerging XR technologies.

Through engaging posts, readers learn about Mozilla's work developing open standards like WebXR to bring mixed realities to the web. The goal is democratizing access to new dimensions.

Blog writers explore research areas like creativity, education and accessibility tools. They also showcase prototype demos of funky new realities.

By following groundbreaking XR projects with a fun approach, the blog invites all dimension-bending dreamers to get in on building inclusive virtual worlds. It offers a compelling window into pioneering the future of immersive experiences online.

6. The Maple

the maple ghost blog example

The Maple

The Maple is a Ghost blog example that offers an alternative in Canadian news and commentary. As a nonprofit, it focuses on issues important to everyday readers rather than corporate interests.

Through investigations and perspectives, writers challenge mainstream narratives to explore the true drivers of social and economic crises. Their independent journalism answers only to readers.

Funded solely through membership, The Maple experiments with a new model for public-interest media. Readers directly support its fearless reporting on housing, inequality and corporate influence.

By joining the collective, individuals help build an outlet dedicated to serving the community over advertisers or political agendas. The Maple gives voice to alternative perspectives outside the establishment media landscape.

7. Spread Privacy

spread privacy ghost blog example

Spread Privacy

Spread Privacy is a Ghost blog example that offers a free browser and privacy protections for those concerned about online tracking. Their tools have been adopted by tens of millions to secure regular internet activities.

Build-in features block companies from siphoning search history and activity data. A private search also avoids tracking, replacing standard options.

Since 2008, the independent company has expanded its offerings to follow users everywhere online. Spread Privacy aims to empower privacy-conscious people to safely browse and communicate without compromising personal information.

The uncompromising focus on security without data collection or "free" services that profit from user data makes Spread Privacy a compelling solution for regaining control over personal digital lives.

8. The Berkeley Scanner

the berkeley scanner ghost blog example

The Berkeley Scanner

The Berkeley Scanner is a very good Ghost blog example that provides comprehensive local crime and safety coverage in Berkeley, California.

Run by veteran reporter Emilie Raguso, who has unmatched expertise in Berkeley policing and public safety, the site offers real-time updates on incidents along with in-depth investigative reporting.

Topics include breaking news, emergency response, criminal justice reform efforts and issues impacting the community. The independent platform fills a needed role with over 240,000 monthly readers.

While fully editorially independent, the news outlet relies on community support. Readers can ensure The Berkeley Scanner continues delivering the most authoritative local reporting held to high journalistic standards.

9. Duolingo Blog

duolingo ghost blog example

Duolingo Blog

The Duolingo Blog is one of the most popular Ghost blog examples that provides engaging content for all levels of language learners. Behind-the-scenes posts give insight into the platform's ongoing evolution.

Tips from education experts offer fun exercises for practicing on the go or motivation from success stories. Readers can also get answers to questions about the AI-powered app.

Through a mix of overviews, humor and hands-on advice, the blog makes foreign language exploration an entertaining journey. Followers gain multiple ways to enhance and expand their linguistic skills wherever they are.

With something for every reader, the Duolingo Blog is an invaluable companion for any seeking to broaden cultural understanding and communication through world languages.

10. The Diff

the diff ghost blog example

The Diff

The Diff is a Ghost blog example that provides in-depth analysis of notable technologies, companies and long-term trends across finance and tech.

Each issue includes a long-form profile exploring topics with continued relevance beyond the headlines. Commentary on recent stories illustrates industry shifts and refutes misconceptions.

By examining fast-moving markets and "meta" industries like tech that influence many sectors, readers gain valuable cross-disciplinary insights. The newsletter aims to understand economic and technological forces that will impact the upcoming years.

Free subscribers receive weekly content while paid access unlocks additional issues. The Diff filters the noise to highlight meaningful information, serving both casual readers and seasoned professionals seeking to future-proof their knowledge of changing industries.

11. Clubhouse Blog

clubhouse ghost blog example

Clubhouse Blog

The Clubhouse Blog provides insights and updates for users of the audio-based social media platform.

Blog posts share behind-the-scenes looks at new product features, Ghost website examples of influential creators, and guides with tips for moderating rooms or growing an audience profile.

Readers also find recaps of thought-provoking discussions on timely topics. The blog aims to keep the Clubhouse community informed and connected through blogs spotlighting the live audio experience.

Whether new to the app or an active participant, the Inside the Clubhouse Blog offers valuable guidance and inspiration for users to engage more fully within the audio social network.

12. The Lever News

the lever news ghost blog example

The Lever News

The Lever News is a nonpartisan investigative outlet focused on holding powerful political and corporate entities accountable. Through rigorous reporting adhering to high editorial standards, the team exposes the influence of money in policy decisions.

Although small in size, The Lever has a significant impact. Their fact-checked stories appear widely and have shifted national conversations and spurred changes. As an independent, reader-funded project, The Lever provides an important alternative to corporate media propaganda.

Readers who value fearless journalism as crucial to democracy can support The Lever's ongoing work to fulfill its mission of moving discussions with inconvenient truths about those manipulating the levers of power.

13. Revolut Blog

revolut ghost blog example

Revolut Blog

The Revolut Blog provides resources to help digital nomads and worldwide travelers optimize their finances on the go.

Readers find actionable advice through guides, hacks and inspiring stories profiling how others leverage Revolut's features. Updates also cover new product capabilities to extract more value from accounts.

With a mix of in-depth tips and behind-the-scenes insights presented in an engaging style, the blog equips users of the financial app with tools for smartly managing funds across continents. It serves as a trusted companion for the globally mobile revolving their cash.

14. Maker Stations

maker stations ghost blog example

Maker Stations

Maker Stations is an online magazine and newsletter providing inspiration for creative workspaces. Through in-depth interviews, it profiles the studio and work from home setups of makers across various fields.

Readers find actionable ideas alongside gorgeous photography meant to fuel optimization of their own work environments. In addition to individual creator profiles, behind-the-scenes features offer glimpses into larger company spaces.

Edited thoughtfully by Ilya and his team, each issue aims to spark new working setup dreams through engaging storytelling. For those seeking constant workspace inspiration, the weekly curated newsletter delivers more insightful profiles directly to subscribers' inboxes.

Creatives of all varieties will find Maker Stations a rich well of design motivation and practical work tips for energizing their working experience.

15. Airtable Blog

airtable ghost blog example

Airtable Blog

The Airtable Blog provides resources to optimize team workflows through customized app creation. Readers find guides, tricks and Ghost website examples empowering users across skill levels to design flexible databases tailored to their needs.

In-depth posts detail how to connect and make valuable data actionable. Profiles of large enterprises illustrate Airtable's potential for immense gains. Whether tracking projects, clients or daily tasks, blogs deliver tactics to streamline processes.

For those leveraging Airtable's next-gen platform, the blog serves as a one-stop shop to continually take organizing capabilities to new levels. Insights deliver proven methods helping teams work more efficiently through simplistic app design.

16. BLAG

blag ghost blog example


BLAG (Better Letters Magazine) is a publication dedicated to the craft of sign painting. Through its print and online formats, BLAG shares techniques, projects and interviews with sign painters globally.

Readers find inspiration from international workshops, restoration collaborations and volunteer events highlighted. Beyond advancing skills, BLAG's community-driven focus brings the worldwide lettering network together.

Under founder Sam Roberts, BLAG continues elevating appreciation for the trade while helping painters connect and progress their work. It offers an engaging forum for involvement in the lettering arts tradition.

17. Hello Partner

hello partner ghost blog example

Hello Partner

Hello Partner connects the affiliate, influencer and performance marketing spheres through conferences, events and media.

Wealthy networking via world-class industry gatherings fosters new partnerships. Attendees gain expertise from legends and forge important business relationships.

For those unable to attend, Hello Partner's publication keeps readers globally informed on marketing trends and opportunities.

By uniting partnership professionals online and offline, they empower growth through strategic connections. This elevates opportunities across brands, publishers and creators.

18. Welcome to Hell World

welcome to hell world ghost blog example

Welcome to Hell World

Luke O'Neil's collection delivers raw insight into modern American issues. Through an amalgam of reporting, essays and multimedia, he dissects injustices, absurdities and more in candid style.

Readers are pulled into each ride or die piece, coming to understand multi-faceted topics through perspectives of real people. Healthcare crisis, politics and social problems are laid bare, with no judgment spared.

O'Neil's work stands apart in how it informs without accusation. Emotions experienced alongside subjects leave lasting food for thought.

For those seeking unfiltered perspective challenging norms, Hell World makes for a compelling read. It's not comfortable reading but will spark pondering like few other works. O'Neil pulls back the curtain on realities dominating headlines today.

19. Scatchy

scatchy ghost blog example


Dutch artist Martina proves creative paths know no limits. Through writing, crafts and motherhood twists, her artwork found rebirth digitally.

Self-taught via trial and error, Martina's unique worlds now reach worldwide via Scatchy. She generously shares artistic exploits and lessons to empower others' fullest potential.

With DIY spirit and community, Scatchy demonstrates how persistence manifests any dream. Martina's journey inspires boundary-defying creativity.

20. 404 Media

404 media ghost blog example

404 Media

Led by respected journalists, 404 Media delivers impactful reporting on technology's role in our world.

Through deep investigations, the team has triggered major fines, legislation and real-world change. They shed light on niche communities largely ignored too.

Whether longform features, scoops or protecting sensitive sources, reporters bring unique strengths to their accountability-driven work.

Covering topics from hacking to privacy, 404 offers insightful, casually delivered reads for those interested in tech's social effects.

Founded transparently, their exploration of technology's influence is a valuable mission.

21. The Whippet

the whippet ghost blog example

The Whippet

McKinley launched The Whippet newsletter seeking engaging topics beyond daily media doomscrolling. Through well-researched discussions on science, history and more, her bi-weekly editions consistently stimulate and spark readers.

Informing without agenda in a format not obliging platforms, each issue immerses readers in McKinley's passion and thoughtfulness. If intellectual curiosity beyond algorithms fuels your interests, The Whippet delivers satisfying fixes guaranteed to provoke pondering.

This neurodivergent writer understands satisfying terminal curiosity; sign up for her free newsletter to experience insightful reads beyond daily sensationalism.

22. Buffer

buffer ghost blog example


Buffer began in 2010 as a solution for spaced-out tweeting. Their mission to help folks grow online through social sharing resonated, earning hundreds early.

Buffer's has become a leading social media platform. But their dedication is to customers, not just tech. It's why they went fully remote worldwide and four-day weeks - to better serve through diverse perspectives.

Radical transparency builds trust in great products. Buffer shares everything from pay to policies openly.

Whether just starting social sharing or at level 11, Buffer could offer value. But their real hope is customers feel the care, heart and optimism behind every feature and support interaction.

23. Cartoon Gravity

cartoon gravity ghost blog example

Cartoon Gravity

Writer-director Julian Simpson, aka Cartoon Gravity, prioritizes quality work over self-promotion. Success in TV, film and audio dramas owes to talent, not tireless branding.

Finding him requires an "earned discovery." But his charm and skill are evident in credits for major BBC shows and sought-after US scripts.

Now at production company Storypunk and through sci-fi podcast TEMPORAL, Julian shares his unconventional creative spirit unpretentiously online.

If challenging norms and unconventional thought intrigue you, look past any perceived "disorganization" to discover treasures within Cartoon Gravity's work.

24. Snipette Magazine

snipette ghost blog example


Snipette applies narrative storytelling to science, culture and beyond. Founded by curious teens, it now includes over 50 contributors.

Recognizing discovery's messier nature, Snipette enhances understanding through vivid fictional portrayals rather than dry summaries alone. Readers are transported mentally to grasp topics while finding fun.

By blending facts creatively, Snipette stokes passions beyond textbooks. It sparks new ideas long after with each literary glimpse of our fascinating, sometimes strange universe.

For stimulation beyond tradition, browse Snipette's creative nonfiction. Curiosity knows no age - let their approach fuel your own.

25. Desk Magazine

the desk magazine ghost blog example

The DESK Magazine

Desk Magazine explores architecture, design and communities through thoughtful long-form stories. Beyond surface views, their uniquely human touch reveals locations' deeper impacts on our changing world.

Transporting readers through rich visuals and passionate storytelling from global contributors, Desk leaves you feeling like you've been there. While many publications reduce topics to headlines, Desk satisfies the intellect through in-depth, beautifully crafted features.

For those interested in how spaces influence life, or crafting tomorrow's built environments, Desk offers a breath of fresh air. Sign up to keep browsing their vibrant storyworlds long after, seeing with renewed insight.

26. Bklyner

bklyner ghost blog example


Bklyner serves Brooklynites through community reporting since 2008. Consolidating neighborhood Ghost website examples, they strive to cover issues truly impacting residents across the borough's diversity.

Powering through the hardest pandemic days to inform Brooklyn, their local focus provides insights unmatched by outsiders. Now as a newsletter, Bklyner resumes shining light on stories needing voice.

Supported by readers, local businesses and grants who value this mission, they remain dedicated to authentic reporting as big media retreats.

Equal opportunity employers, Bklyner aims to serve all. Their one-of-a-kind Brooklyn perspective keeps readers coming back for more local insights.

27. Kickstarter

Kickstarter Ghost blog example


Kickstarter has fueled creative dreams since 2009 by connecting projects with supporters. Over $6 billion later, it shows community funding works across industries from tech to art.

Whether a scrappy startup or established brand, Kickstarter empowers all with an idea. Creators simply share their vision and funding goal to launch. If met by deadline, funds are collected.

This all-or-nothing model builds excitement while protecting both backers and creators. Countless successes owe their start here, proving engaged communities will support worthy ventures.

If your work energizes others, launch on Kickstarter. Their thriving network will ignite the support to help your dreams take flight.

28. Tangle

tangle ghost blog example

Tangle News

Tangle provides a balanced perspective on politics daily. Their non-partisan newsletter and growing programs reach over 75k across 55+ countries.

Each issue tackles a big debate, summarizing the best arguments from Right, Left and center. Major fact-checkers rate their transparent, well-sourced coverage as center.

Respectfully exploring multiple views isn't "both sides-ism" - it's quality journalism. For just 10 minutes, Tangle unpacks today's issues with nuance, not noise.

If you seek diverse political thought, let Tangle serve as your guide. Their community openly embraces all respectful perspectives, including your own.

29. Hngry

hngry ghost blog example


Hngry offers a taste of the global culinary world. For over a decade, their community of food lovers has grown across 70+ countries through thoughtful stories and photographs of dishes, drinks and cultural experiences.

Transporting readers through mouth watering visuals and details, each Hngry post leaves you feeling nourished and eager to explore flavors near and far. Beyond food wonders, they share human connections and history woven through diverse cuisines.

Discover new perspectives on communities through what and how they eat. Whether virtually devouring dishes or planning your next trip, Hngry's feast of worldwide gastronomy feeds your wanderlust and ensures you're never hungry for more.

30. Inside Blog

inside ghost blog example

Inside blog

Inside Blog shares marketing insights to keep entrepreneurs ahead of the curve. For over a decade, their team has published daily tactics across social, video and podcasts on growth hacking, Ghost blog SEO, email and more.

Actionable articles come paired with colorful case studies to translate strategies into results. Gain unique perspectives by learning from multi-million dollar brands.

Complementing hands-on guides are behind-the-scenes interviews with influencers. Absorb intel to boost your campaigns.


In conclusion, this showcase provided insights into successful Ghost websites and their strategies. If seeking a creative outlet, consider joining the growing Ghost blog examples community.

Reflect on visual style, content formats, community building and other best practices from highlighted sites. Choose a theme aligning with your voice.

Launch your blog and engage readers with thoughtful, engaging material. Your unique perspective deserves to be heard. The digital world awaits fresh contributions. Don't delay - get publishing today on Ghost websites!

Updated on November 9, 2023