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Exceptional Ghost themes for every publisher, from leading media sites to personal blogs, craft your vision seamlessly. 

Essential Theme Features for Enhanced Online Performance 

  • Ghost

    Ghost 5.0+

    Compatible with Ghost 5.0+, our theme ensures you're working with the latest web technology standards.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    Our themes have responsive design ensures seamless display and functionality across all devices.

  • Experts

    expert team

    Crafted by seasoned professionals, our themes bring together expertise and innovation for top-tier website performance.

  • Support

    Dedicated Support

    Receive dedicated support with our theme, offering you prompt and professional assistance whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Find quick, expert answers to common queries about our Ghost themes and templates in our FAQ section. 

  • How do I install a Ghost theme?

    To install a Ghost theme, first, download the theme package after your purchase. Then, log in to your Ghost admin area, go to Settings, navigate to the ‘Design & branding’ section, click ‘Change Theme’, and under ‘Themes’, click the ‘Upload a Theme’ button. Simply select your downloaded Ghost theme file and upload it. Once uploaded, click ‘Activate’ to apply the theme to your site. If you require detailed guidance, our documentation for Ghost templates provides step-by-step instructions.

  • How long is support valid for Ghost blog themes?

    Support for our Ghost blog themes is unlimited and provided for a lifetime with your purchase. This includes assistance with theme setup, troubleshooting, and handling any potential bugs or issues.

  • How do I receive updates for my purchased Ghost themes?

    When you purchase any of our Ghost themes, you are entitled to receive all future updates for that theme at no additional cost. To receive updates for your purchased Ghost themes, simply use the download link provided at the time of purchase, which always contains the latest version of the theme. Additionally, archives of the most recent versions are available in your order details

  • Which themes are included in the bundle?

    The current bundle includes seven themes: Spotlight, Pitch, The Reporter, Reflect, Paragraph, Digital Nomad and Paradigm. Additionally, upcoming themes will be included in the bundle as they are released.

  • Can I purchase individual themes from the bundle separately?

    Yes, you have the option to purchase individual themes separately if you prefer. The bundle is designed to offer all themes collectively as a single package in a more affordable price.

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